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Ministering to Postgraduate Students in the UK

In the last few decades the number of post-graduate students has grown dramatically, from a few thousand in the early 1960's, to 200,000 in 1989, doubling again to almost 400,000 today.  A large percentage (about 30 % overall and far higher in some universities and departments) are from overseas.  This growth brings many exciting opportunities to develop a more focussed witness to the post-grad community.  Whereas the need for a specialized undergraduate outreach programme has been recognized for decades, the growing need for focussed outreach to post-grads has not always been so clearly seen.  Here and there around the UK models to do this have been springing up, for example at Cambridge University, the Christian Graduate Society (CGS) has been reaching the post-grad and international student community for about 10 years.  At other universities similar initatives have begun, or are being planned.   Through our informal network, we  hope to help stimulate and encourage such focussed outreach.