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Printing in the Theory Sector

Day to day printing

The sector has a number of shared network printers. Every workstation should be configured to use the closest printer, but in case it is not you can print to any printer configured on your machine with

lpr -Pprintername

Changing printer options and adding new printers

The easiest way to do this on the Linux image is to point your web browser to http://localhost:631 (click on it and see!) From here you can set the default printer, add printers, and change printer options. Any changes you make affect everyone who uses your computer.


If a printer is out of paper or toner then it's up to the people who use it to supply more. Toner for most of the printers is available from Stores; paper from the reprographics office in room 258 on the 2nd floor. If you wish to use transparencies in the printers then this is fine as long as you use the HP approved ones. Others may melt and cause expensive damage to the printer!


One printer will not print from one computer

Go to http://localhost:631 and check the printer. If it is marked as stopped or disabled click the appropriate button to start or enable it.

One printer will not print from any computer

Check it's got paper, toner, and is not jammed. If those all look OK, contact the computer officers.

One document will not print (usually a PDF), others are fine

The fix is to try a printer of a different model as this seems to be down to bugs in the printers. Sometimes printing the document from a different PDF viewer can work too.

Job prints single-sided even when sent to duplex queue or vice versa

These are usually Postscript jobs and contain internal Postscript commands that turn off/on the printer's duplex mode. They can be worked around by editing the raw Postscript if you really need to.

Setting up laptops/other machines to use Theory printers

More details at this page, which is accessible to Chemistry clients only. The COs can also help with this if needed.